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Group Project | UX Strategy, Concepting, and Animation  | 6 weeks

Otto is a skincare subscription service that allows for customization of products and delivers refills based on usage.

Project Vision

Men's skincare is an industry that has been left mostly untapped. Overall, Men don't any brand loyalty to the products they use as long as it is convenient and fixes their problem. This doesn't factor is that men don't always know how to use these products in the best ways. How do we create a more effective self-care routine for men without adding to their day?

Introducing Otto, a skincare system that teaches men more effective care methods and tasks the hassle out of reordering skincare products.


1. Find a more effective way to serve men's self-care than competitor brands


2. Figure out what men want and need in their skincare routines

3. Keep men's self-care routine convenient and simple

Quick Peek to the Solution

The project goal was to create a product that would make the user's life easier without adding to their daily routine while improving men's everyday care habits.


Smart hub

The Otto hub uses an RFID chip to communicate between Ascential products and the Otto App. The Otto hub can also store information if the app isn't within range.


Ascential Products

Ascential products cover everything from skincare to beard care. The yellow smart caps measure product and send that information to the Otto hub.


Smartphone App

The Otto App allows you to not only regulate what products you receive but also help you use them properly.

Men just want to get up and go

Do men even use their own skincare products? When trying to figure out what men really do in front of the mirror I created google surveys and interviewed 18 men on their self-care habits and routine.

I found out that men are using bathing products longer than its intended lifespan, but do not know that extended use has detrimental effects on their health and overall routine. Often time they grab whatever they can find on the shelves or use their significant other's products.

Competitive Analysis

In order to understand how men choose their products, I evaluated how Otto would 


the streaming platforms based on what content I felt was important for user interviews and what content the brands themselves considered to be their best selling points.

Market Map2.jpg
How do men view their skincare routines and where do they go for more information?

Through secondary research, we learned that the skincare industry hasn’t had any significant innovations within the past years.


Within the skincare industry, Men’s skincare is a market that has great potential for high revenue, but when we conducted user interviews, we learned that men rarely stick to the same brand of skincare products. They prefer products that have an all-in-one solution and they want it at their convenience.

While they look to brands they know to give them affordable options and educate them, big manufacturers are concentrated elsewhere – leaving smaller male-specific brands room to flourish.


Men's Facial Skincare

by Alex Fisher - Mintel

Men don't know much about developing skincare routines.

"I use whatever I can find. I don't care what brand it is, as long as it works for me."

Alex, 28


Subscription services either come too soon or too late.

"Sometimes my shower products come too soon so I end up with extra bottles, so cancel my subscriptions."

Chris, 26

How testing influenced our design

We tested the concept and an app prototype (setup and daily usage) with potential users through surveys and the prototype featured below through Invision. 


When testing the app we were encouraged to make certain skincare information easier to find, less in-app onboarding, and more customization options.

We also learned that man are not knowledgable about how to use the products they have.

40% of men agree they prefer personal care products that are tailored to their specific needs, but few brands provide this for men.
User Journey

We're making the user's journey easier during the reordering phase. Instead of their products coming at an inconvenient time, Otto takes the time to reorder at the perfect time.


 The Solution 

Otto makes men's skincare effortless.

Otto is a skincare system that includes a communication hub and the Otto app. This skincare system works with Ascential brand products.

How does it work?

The communication hub works best for those who don't have an Amazon Alexa or Google Home. The hub collects information from the cap on the Ascential product bottle. 

As you run through the product, the communication hub sends that information to the Otto app. From there you receive a notification of your usage and are given 48 hours to adjust or cancel your next order.

The Otto App

The Otto App allows you to not only regulate what products you receive but also help you use them properly.

Easy Onboarding - The app goes step by step to help you sync your Otto.

Sk[intake] Assessment - This quiz allows users to personalize their products. The quiz builds a profile that is used to create a customized skincare regimen.


Shelf (homepage) - here users can view product usage and analytics, tips to improve their body and skincare routine, battery levels, and their next shipment


Regimen Tips - tips on how to improve your self-care routine. This includes blog posts and videos to help with styling and care.




Sk[intake] Assessment


Sk[intake] App Flow

Otto FLow Screens

Next Steps: 
Extending beyond skincare.

In the future, we'd like to evolve our Otto to cater to pantry items as well as product lines. Imagining a world where you could reorder a box of cereal as quickly as you ate it sounds like a dream to me.


More Work




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