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 The Journey 

The Journey


Companies like Dollar Shave Club and Hims offer subscription services for men's skin/hair care.


The Consumer Packaging industry (in terms of skincare) hasn't had any significant innovations. Most products they've created have been quite gimmicky and not beneficial for the user. 


Men want the convenience of a subscription box but they want it on their own terms.

Product Vision:

For hygiene conscious men who don’t want the hassle of a monthly subscription, Ascential for Otto is a cleanliness system that provides an efficient way to manage, use, and reorder your shower products. Unlike Dollar Shave Club, our product provides a more efficient subscription service with an added educational component.

 Competition Map 
Market Map2.jpg
 Initial User Testing 

User Feedback

 User Journey Map 
Journey Map Final.jpg
The Results
How Does Otto Work?

Otto (Reader):

Active RFID

  • Sends out a signal to get information on the bottle

  • Receives information from the bottles and deciphers (weight and type of product)

  • Sends information to the phone to be stored

  • Potentially store data if the phone is not found within range



  • Original Connection to Phone (setup)

  • Adding replacement items to the shelf


Bottles & Containers:

Sensor (weight sensing) on the bottom portion

  • Measuring the amount of product

  • Screws On & Off to Replace Product


Passive RFID Chip (read-write)

  • Store the weight of the product after use

  • Sends the information back to the reader (power is received from the reader)


Information Stored: Weight, Type of Product (serial number)

Setup & Management:

  • One Type of Bottle at a Time

  • Change the bottom weight to switch out



  • reads up to 20 feet away (sufficient for a bathroom)



When pairing a new product with Otto, a green light and a single short ping will show that the product has been paired properly. If there is a pulsing red light and a long ping then it means the product has not been paired properly.


Installing Otto:

Step 1: Download Otto App

Step 2: Sync your Otto. Tap your phone to Otto’s face.

Confirm that Otto can connect to your internet.

Otto turns green and pings to confirm pairing. (Confirmation Feedback)

Step 3: Hold your new product against Otto until the light flashes green (Confirmation Feedback)







The Screens
Otto Screens



Sk[intake] Assessment

App Flow

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