Budgeting made simple. 

Created for Nerdwallet, these short animations make understanding financials easier.

 The Project 

Project Brief

The brief: Focus on a topic you would like to learn more about. Apply it to a design problem.

I've always been really interested in animation and motion graphics so when given this opportunity, it was the first thing that came to mind. Applying it to finances came from my overall goal to make complicated things easier to understand.

Project Duration



My Role

Key Skills

12 weeks

Meosha Jupiter





With finances becoming more digital, the concept of money becomes harder to comprehend. Overall income, expenses, and debt have become way too complicated for the average person to understand. Nerdwallet has a great opportunity to remedy this problem through animation.

Nerdwallet is a financial advice company that has a plethora of blog posts and tools, but all of these resources can be overwhelming to a newcomer.

 The Journey 

What does the average millennial know about finances?

The lack of financial understanding has been signaled as one of the main reasons behind savings and investing problems faced by many Americans.



by Kristina Zucchi

Sometimes getting advice from your parents can feel irrelevant.

"I get a lot of advice from my parents but sometimes they make me feel stupid because I didn't know something or I feel like their advice is outdated."

Angela, 25

Through my own personal experiences, I learned that significant moments in your life impact your finances. This can be anything like going to college, buying a car, or getting married. 

To validate my feelings, I conducted user interviews with people ranging from ages19 to 32. I not only asked about their financial habits, but where they get their information from.

Its hard for people to know what financial advice they need if they've never needed it before.

"I've never really researched financial advice. I don't know what to look for because I don't know what I need yet. "

Chris, 29

Learning about financials can feel like understanding a different language.

"Sometimes I can't understand financial information. It seems too complicated."

Eric, 28

Banks and the internet are the most common places people go for financial information.

"I'm more likely to call my bank for information. But sometimes I'll go on youtube or instagram. I don't want my information from just anyone. I try to choose someone with a financial background."

Samantha, 25

Creating the Animatic


Before creating the final animation presented at the beginning of the page, I first had to create a script and then an animatic. This allowed me to decide on which visuals and transitions to use throughout the final animation.

I made sure to use visuals that a viewer could easily relate to and make sense of. It was also important that the script I created not to tackle too much information.

 The Results 

Where does this content live?


When asking people where they get their financial information from, most commonly they answered internet sources such as specific banks, financial guru blogs, or youtube. The problem with these resources is that they feel long and too formal.

I found Instagram to be a sweet spot for financial content. Instagram stories allow for longer-form information than say twitter, but shorter and more personal than youtube for financial blogs.

The 'Budgeting 101' animation will live on Nerdwallet's Instagram stories while shorter content will act as Instagram ads. In the future, I'd like to move the longer animations to their Nerdwallet App.

Design Guidelines

& Styleframes


Currently, Nerdwallet uses a wide range of colors and a very flat design with its illustrations. I sought to improve on that design through the use of textures and gradients.

Next Steps:

In the future, I'd like to move these animations to live on the Nerdwallet app. Currently their app is a fountain of financial information but I think by adding animations, it can be more resourceful for users.

 Keep In Touch! 

Goodbyes are sad :( 

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