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Enabling Rewards on Taco Bell Kiosk
Project Summary

Taco Bell wants to extend the rewards point system to in-store and kiosk purchases. Currently, this feature is only available with purchase on the app.

Taco Bell rewards allow users to apply their points to their purchases and apply them to their next order. Points are a great way to keep customers coming back to Taco Bell.

Our team was tasked with adding this feature.

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Content Strategist, UX Designer (Me), UI Designer 


Adding Taco Bell rewards to kiosks brings a new opportunity to engage users. My first focus would be to get an understanding of the current order and checkout flow and figure out where the best changes could occur.

Kiosk_Currentcondensed flow.png

Current Flow (Condensed)

Design Constraints

After reviewing the current status of location and checkout, we met with our client and the Taco Bell development team to address design constraints.

ADA Compliancy

Kiosk screens need to be designed to accommodate people in wheelchairs.

Tech is limited

The kiosk can’t tell if someone who enters their email address is a member or not.


The kiosk can only send information from the Kiosk to the membership system. It can’t call that information back.


Four weeks for planning and design.

Who are we talking to?

As we learned more about our project, our team realized how we communicate with users is important. In terms of who is going to interact with the Taco bell kiosk, it is safe to say we can divide them into two groups: Members and Non-Members.

Members are users with a current Taco Bell account.

Non-members are people who don't have a Taco Bell account and have no previous membership.

To get a better understanding of how to talk to them, working together with our content strategist we created member scenarios. These allow us to get a better picture of what our users are looking for when they interact with Taco Bell rewards at Kiosk.

035 1.png
Member Scenarios

I am a member and…


 I want points to automatically add to my account by providing my Taco Bell email.


I want to receive points by scanning the barcode on my receipt using the app.


I opted out of marketing comms but I want to receive points by providing my email.

Non-Member Scenarios

I am not a member and… 


I want to scan the barcode on my receipt to receive points.


I want to learn more about the Rewards program by providing my email.


I want to learn more about the Rewards program by providing my email but I do not want to opt in to marketing comms.

Where should rewards go?

While working out who our audience is, it was important to figure out where in the flow Rewards points would work best. It's important that Rewards feels like it's a part of the flow and not something that interrupts a guest at kiosk.

By placing the Rewards screens after the cart and before payment, it doesn't interrupt the user from completing their order or interrupt payment.

Rewards Fit.png

Current Flow (Condensed)

Ok, but how does this work?

When trying to figure out the best method to talk to members and non-members, I realized I didn't really understand how Kiosk worked. 

At the time I didn't understand the limits of Kiosk. What information could it receive or send?


With every new method I tried, there was a new flow and a new set of questions.

Flows on Flows.png
Let's try two different methods

Quickly realizing I just don't have enough information to successfully build these flows, I thought I'd create what makes the most sense and take it to the development team.

Seperate Paths for Members and Non Members
Sign Up All Method
Separate Paths for Members and Non Members

This method allows for separate messaging but may be confusing for users if they don’t remember an email or don’t know if they even are a member.

Rewards Fit.png
Rewards Fit 2.png
Sign Up All Method

This method allows users to not have to think too much about membership and just gets them signed up.

Receipts are still complicated

Questions that came up:


How do we keep users from earning points at both receipts and sign-up?


Should we include messaging at the end?


If someone doesn’t want a receipt, how do they still get there points?

Final Checkout Screen

Final Checkout Screen

image 147.jpg

Physical Receipt

image 111.jpg
Final Task Flow

Sign Up All Method and making receipts simpler


After speaking with the dev, tech, and membership team, we decided that the sign-up-all method made the best sense. Also, we simplified receipts by allowing all users to receive a receipt and learning membership points would be handled on the back end of kisok rather than at the register.

image 93.png
Final Condensed Flow.png

Final Flow


If I were to have more time with this project I would have loved to actually interact with the display and get a better idea of how the tech worked.

Also, I would’ve liked to focus on applying more of the new color schemes that we’ve used for other Taco Bell web and app designs.

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