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Exploring 3D illustrations by recreating scenes from Miyazaki Movies 

3D Illustrations | Cinema4D

This is a passion project started with the intention to learn and experiment with 3D modeling in cinema4D. I chose to design scenes based on the Miyazaki films Spirited Away and Howl's Moving Castle.

Spirited Away
Spirited Away

 Spirited Away Storyline

Spirited Away tells the story of a 10-year old girl named Chihiro, who while moving to a new neighborhood with her parents enters the world of Kami (spirited) in Japanese Shinto folklore.

While there she meets interested characters in a Japanese bathhouse. This 3D render is based on Ootori Sama, chicken-like characters who serve as servants for a deity in the film.


Reference Images

The bathhouse is the main location for the majority of character development in the film. The interior features multiple floors, customer-use baths, tatami mats, wooden doors, and warm lighting.

When replicating this in 3D, I tried to stick as close to the materials and lighting as possible.

Howl's Moving Castle
Can you guess what room I'm working on next?
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