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Business Model


  • Subscriber growth has stalled

    • Not many people recognize the brand

    • There is no big selling point aside from hi-fi music.

    • Brand lacks personality and brand voice


  • The music streaming industry is oversaturated.

    • Their biggest competition is Spotify and Apple Music.


  • What Tidal can provide is more of music experience at concerts and local venues(Thinking Tiny Desk).

  • We want to turn Tidal from being another music streaming service to being a music experience company.

    • Tidal already has a presence at music festivals.


Concert goers and music enthusiasts. 

People who want to explore new music.

Why Now:

  • Music is constantly evolving

  • Festival experience is trending 

    • Going to see multiple artist is more enticing than just going to see one

    • Being with a group makes the experience more valuable because it's shared.

    • Festivals are becoming a part of the culture

Product Vision:

  • Get concert goers and music enthusiasts to see TIDAL as the place to go for new music through a brand relaunch and Tidal [Unplugged] events

 User Journey Map 
TIDAL User Journey
Music: Impossible - vibrotactile wearable
App Screen Comparisons
Music PLayer SpotifyTIDAL

Spotify vs. TIDAL


Spotify vs. TIDAL

TIDAL Screens (Then vs Now)
TIDAL Home BEfore 2

Homescreen (Before)

Homescreen (After)

TIDAL X (Before)


Videos (After)

TIDAL X (After)

Search (Before)

Search (After)

Collection (Before)

Collection (After)


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