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The Magic of Ice Cream

What it is

A brand experience that allows users to play a game with another person and win a Valentine's day themed Oreo prize.

What it does

The Dunk'n'Love truck goes to the user and allows them to play an interactive game using Microsoft Connect.

Project Details

Personal Project | 2 weeks


Concept | UX Strategy | UX Design| Animation | Product Design



Create a brand experience for Valentine's day that allows people to share their love for each other.


Identify a group of people that may not receive enough love on Valentine's day


Find a way to get the experience to the user


Keep with current client branding

Conducted research and user interviews to determine pain points 


Established user types and journey flows


Prototyped/animated the game experience


Built a brand experience that was free and engaging for the consumers

The Challenge


Oreo needed a fun and engaging way to promote their new Valentine's day Oreo cookie that  went well with their current campaigns.


Being playful is a big part of Oreo's brand and it is reflected in much of their advertising.


For this project, I wanted to bring families together with that same playful mentality by bringing an interactive valentine's day experience to them. 


With so many ways to share your love with someone, I believe the most effective would be to simply spend time with them.


The Oreo Dunk 'n' Love truck is about the size of your standard ice cream or food truck but packs much more fun. 


The screen features an interactive game that requires two users. The truck itself will move through different areas such as suburban neighborhoods and shopping center parking lots. These areas are frequented by families and are easily accessible.


As the truck travels, it will play Oreo's whistle theme song.

The Journey

I've always loved Oreo's playful nature, but their recent commercials with rapper Wiz Khalifa and his son were absolutely wonder-filled. Normally rappers are shown in a tough and strong nature, but I was truly inspired by how Wiz was shown to be a caring and loving single father.

From watching the Oreo Wiz Khalifa Commercial, I became interested in creating an event for single parent and low-income families.


Through interviews and insights from Simmons Research, I learned more about my audience and how to help them.

  • Low-income families spend less time with their children than they would like to

  • Parents struggle with the balance between financially supporting their family and emotionally supporting them

  • Parents are worried about the cost of activities (amusement/theme parks, aquariums, museums, etc.)

  • Playing games with your family can promote cooperation and communication

The biggest pain points I came across was finding a time/place for parents to spend time with their kids that could fit into their already busy schedule. 


Often times parents will take their child on errands with them as a means to spend more time together. With this information, I knew I had to find a way to bring the game to the user.


In terms of locations, places like the grocery store parking lot, suburban neighborhoods, and locations nearby schools at the end of the day would be the best place for the vehicle. At these locations, parents are with their children whether it's taking them on a grocery run or picking them up from school.

The Results

When not active, the 'Dunk In Love' truck features a "Dear Cupid, Send More Oreos" messages. The truck is meant to mimic the concept of an ice cream truck, bringing Valentine's to the community.

Once parked, the fun beings. The static screen becomes interactive with Oreos falling from above. The idea is to get the Oreos into a glass of milk. This is done by having one user hit the Oreos towards the cup, while another user tilts and moves the glass of milk to help catch the Oreos.

This can be achieved using Microsoft Kinect. Microsoft Kinect uses a video camera, depth sensor, and multi-array microphone to capture and create a physical image on the screen to allow you to interact with the Oreos and milk glass.

After the participants complete the game, getting all of the Oreos into the glass of milk, they receive a prize.


Currently, Oreo has a Valentine's Day kit that includes multiple boxes and fun size Oreo packs. For this experience, Oreo would simply be distributing the miniature boxes with a fun size oreo inside as well as a recipe card. 


This way the fun could continue after the 'Dunk in Love' truck experience or the participant could even give the box to someone else and share the love.

Creating the 'Dunk In Love' truck was an individual project. My role included everything from conception, to research, to design.

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