Relaunching the music streaming service as a music experience company.

Group Project | UX/UI Design and Brand Identity  | 3 weeks



The Challenge  

How do we separate TIDAL from music streaming brands such as Spotify or Apple Music?

TIDAL's subscriber growth has stalled over the years and the brand has lost relevancy.

The Solution

TIDAL has the opportunity to push the limits of how their audience interacts with music by turning away from being just another music streaming service to focusing on creating more intimate music experiences with its fan base.


To do this we're giving redesigning the app to differentiate it from other music services and creating private TIDAL events for the audience.

The Journey  

  • User Research

  • Brand Research

  • Product Comparisons

  • User Journey

  • App Redesign

  • Creating intimate 'music experiences' through tech


 The Challenge  

How do we separate TIDAL from other music brands?

TIDAL, a music streaming service, launched in 2014 and quickly rose to popularity because of its wide celebrity backing and the promise of hi-fidelity music. The brand is owned by rapper Jay-Z and is one of the few music services to be owned by a musician.


Since then, TIDAL’s overall subscriber growth has stalled due to a lack of differentiation between its main rivals: Spotify and Apple Music. With these services soon to offer hi-fidelity music streaming of their own, TIDAL is in desperate need of finding its own sound amongst all the noise.

App Redesign

Can you guess which is which?

When compared to Spotify, in some instances TIDAL's interface looks almost identical.

The lack of brand identity is one of the reasons that potential users don't recognize the brand as being any different of better than other music streaming companies.

Screen Shot 2020-04-13 at 4.08.00 PM.png

 The Journey 

What do people want out their music apps?

Primarily through user interviews and research, we learned that users feel like discovering new music is difficult and overall music apps are kind of bland.


Audiences want their music experience to feel fresh and liberating. They're looking for new ways to experience music. TIDAL already provides high quality music, its one of the only music streaming platforms run by actually music artists, and provides a platform for up and coming artists. It has everything a music enthusiast is looking for but due to its lack of brand identity, most people don't even acknowledge it.

Because music streaming companies generally do not have an established presence within the communities that produce subgenre musical genres, the people who create the algorithms and define music categories often don’t even see what they are missing.


Music streaming services mishandle our data

—and our culture is paying for it

by Mario J. Lucero

Spotify gives me a headache.

Searching for music I like is the hardest part. I don't think the algorithms are enough or very good at helping me discover music I like.

Crystal, 24

I primarily use Apple Music.

The feed is structured so that I always see my recently added music first but the only place that suggests new music is on an opposite page. It's hard to step out of the comfort zone of my favorite music.

Ryan, 27

The Opportunity

Move TIDAL from a music streaming platform to a music experience company.

TIDAL has the opportunity to push the limits of how their audience interacts with music.

By becoming a 'music experience company' TIDAL will focus more on creating tangible touchpoints between themselves and their audience. 


This change will further define them from their competitors and create a space they can own themselves. To guide this change we wanted to tackle a TIDAL app redesign to create a better brand identity and establish local TIDAL RISING events to continue to give TIDAL members exclusive music experiences..

User Flow

It was important for us to focus on how users move from the app to their live concert experience. We wanted users to do everything through their TIDAL app, so giving them the ability to purchase their ticket through the app and use a QR code to access the vent was important to us. Outside of purchase, the TIDAL app can also be used to rent out the vibrotacticle suit.

TIDAL User Journey

App Update and RISING Local Events

TIDAL App Update

To further differentiate TIDAL from other music streaming brands,  we wanted to emphasize how TIDAL promotes up and coming artists.

Enhancing the app experience to make it easier to find new music, promote RISING artists, and introduce users to local RISING events.

Local RISING events

To shift them into a more entertainment-focused space, we've created events in local cities that highlight artists from the area. At these events, we're interested in discovering new ways to integrate technology that will enhance the audience's music experience.

In-App Experience

Music Player

The biggest changes here are the soundwave scrubber and music video button.

By using the soundwave as the scrubber and making the album art more prominent to create a more intimate experience. 

If there is a music video available with the song, we've added a play button so users can immediately find and watch the video.

Videos/TIDAL X

One of TIDAL's biggest differentiators from other music streaming apps is its video content. We've merged TIDAL X, a feature focused on live streaming events, into a much more accessible area versus being hidden in the search tab.


We improved the search page to highlight some of TIDAL's premium content such as TIDAL RISING and TIDAL X as well as upcoming performances that will be added to TIDAL RISING.


TIDAL RISING features up and coming artists and promotes not only their music but documentaries and performances.

We wanted to expand RISING's range by creating local events that would showcase talented artists from the area and give them more exposure.


The redesigned app flow makes it easier for users to explore more of TIDAL's exclusive content.


Rather than TIDAL RISING and TIDAL X hiding in the search section, the content has been expanded and placed into easy to find tabs. To make navigation through the pages easier, I've used different shapes to break up information.

Live Experience

To create a more intimate music experience and promote new artists, TIDAL is giving its subscribers live mini-concert events in their city. These concerts will feature live performances and meet and greets with RISING artists from the area. 

At these events we wanted to incorporate new technology to give the audience a new experience with music.

Partnering with

Music: Not Impossible

To create a new music experience, TIDAL is partnering with Music: Not Impossible to provide audiences with a vibrotactile suit.

Through the TIDAL app, members will be able to rent a suit to use during the performance. The suit translates music into physical vibration. Being able to experience music with more than once sense provides a unique experience to TIDAL members.

TIDAL event kiosk

TIDAL is hosting exclusive events to promote RISING artists in their hometowns. These events will feature a chance for audiences to meet local artists, purchase TIDAL merch, and obviously enjoy a live performance by them.

TIDAL members also have the opportunity to rent vibrotactile suits to experience music with more than one sense. In the future we would look at different ways to use technology to enhance the concert experience.



To further promote the brand, we would like to promote TIDAL merch that can be purchased online and exclusive merch that can be purchased at TIDAL events.

Design Guidelines

When redesigning the app, we didn't stray far from their original design guidelines. We wanted to focus more on the overall page layouts and breaking up the sections by incorporating different shapes.

Screen Shot 2020-04-19 at 4.29.21 PM.png
AR Dance- Childish Gambino

 Next Steps: 

Incorporating AR and motion capture.

In the future, we'd like to incorporate AR and motion capture into their advertising and concert experiences. To change how people view their brand it'd be great to have digital ads that potential members could interact with. It'd also be cool to look at how AR could enhance the concern experience.

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