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Skincare Reordering Reimagined.

Meet Otto.

My Role

Concept | Prototype | UX Strategy Animation | Product Design |

3D Mockup

What it is

A product reordering assistant system focused on men's skincare.

What it does

Manages your reordering tendencies based on product usage.



Create an industry disruptor in any category according to the Jack Mortons Experience Report


Identify and solve a problem within the industry


Create a product that would make the users life easier without adding to their daily routine


Conducted research and user interviews to determine pain points 


Evaluated industry competitors to determine brand positioning


Established user types and journey flows


Created a unique experience where the product reorders itself based on the user’s usage


Designed a 3d prototype of the product and mobile app experience

Created deliverable package for developers


The Challenge



The skincare industry hasn't had any significant innovations within past years. 

Men's skincare is a market that has great potential for high revenue's, but men rarely stick to the same brand of skincare products. 


They prefer products that have an all-in-one solution and they want it at their convenience. 


Many men have a simple and easy skincare routine. To make thier lives easier, most men end up turning to subscription services for their skincare, but often subscription services deliver products too soon and customers end up canceling all together or they waste their products.

The Journey

  • Men tend to be satisfied with their skincare products and routine but prefer quick and efficient methods.

  • Current subscription services such as dollar shave club give men a simple and cheap product that comes right to their door. But often enough, these subscription services deliver products too soon.

We tested the concept and an app prototype (setup and daily usage) with potential users. 


When testing the app we were encouraged to make certain skincare information easier to find, less in-app onboarding, and more customization options.

We also learned that man aren't super knowledgable about how to use the products they have.

For a deeper look into our strategy and findings:

The Results


To cut down on the inefficiency of subscription services, Otto was created. 


  • Manages your reordering tendencies based on usage

  • Otto can store data if the connected phone is not within range.

  • Ascential skincare line is completely customizable based on the user's needs

Otto is a hub that allows skincare products to be reordered based on product usage.

Ascential is the line of skincare products that work with Otto's technology.

Otto acts as a reader, possessing an active RFID chip that can send out a signal to get information from the smart cap on the Ascential skincare bottle. 

The Otto App allows you to not only regulate what products you receive but also help you use them properly.


Easy Onboarding - The app goes step by step to help you sync your Otto.

Sk[intake] Assessment - This quiz allows users personalize their products. The quiz builds a profile that is used to create a customized skincare regimen.


Shelf (homepage) - here users can view product usage and analytics, tips to improve their body and skincare routine, battery levels, and their next shipment


Regimen Tips - tips on how to improve your self-care routine. This includes blog posts and videos to help with styling and care.

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