Connecting people and pets

People and their Pets.

My Role

Concept | Prototype | UX Strategy | UX/UI Design | Product Design | Animation | Branding

What it is

A mobile app that allows people to find a new pet.


Meosha Jupiter (Me)

Danny Timbers

What it does

Leash matches people to pets based on their lifestyle and needs.



Create an industry disruptor in any category according to the Jack Mortons Experience Report


Identify and solve a problem within the industry


Create a product that would make the users life easier without adding to their daily routine


Conducted research and user interviews to determine pain points 


Evaluated industry competitors to determine brand positioning


Established user types and journey flows


Built a brand from the ground up.


Created a unique experience where the product reorders itself based on the user’s usage


Designed a 3d prototype or product and mobile app experience


For people who are interested in getting their first pet...

The Challenge



With not enough pets being adopted from shelters and a lot of confusion around adopting a pet, we wanted to create an app that would ease the adoptee's search and increase adoptions in shelters.


People can spend months searching for the perfect pet. They have to factor in lifestyle, family, temperament, and personal needs of the pet. Getting a new pet is a big decision and making the first step can be the most confusing.

From the shelters perspective, there is an overflow of pets coming in daily. Often times people are going to breeders instead of shelters because they're interested in a specific breed and aren't sure how else to find them.

The Journey


​From Interviewing Shelters

  • Biggest competitors of local shelters are breeders

  • More pets being brought into the shelter than there are being adopted

From Prospective Users

  • Not a lot of people realize how much work goes into owning a pet

  • There is a lot of thought that goes into picking out breeds but not a lot involving lifestyle and activity

To figure out what criteria is most important in choosing a new pet, we continued with interviews and asked current and future pet owners what they looked for in their furry friends.


While testing prototypes of our app, we also found a large number of people who just simply enjoyed looking at pets in local shelters.


  • Enable a way for people to match with their pet that fits their lifestyle. 

  • Increase people's interest in adopting a pet.

  • To aid people who are currently looking for pets (ease their search).

Leash provides a platform for finding a pet that fits your lifestyle and promotes local shelters.

The Results

Leash is a great tool for not only future pet owners to find their perfect pet, but through their use, they can help shelter's spread news about the pets they have ready for adoption. Shelter's can sign up for the app as well and promote


Pet feed - constant update of pets from local shelters

More specific search filters - users can filter their search based on preferences such as types, breed, age, size, personality, and activity.

Location-Based - Users can also look at all shelters within their local area, or nationwide, and even bookmark their favorite shelters or pets.

Sharing - share pet profiles on social media sites. This helps shelters to spread information about pets who need new homes.


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