I'm just your friendly neighborhood experience designer.

I believe that good design is intuitive and not only aids the user but the business too. I enjoy taking complicated problems and turning them into fun and simple solutions. 


M.S. in Branding/Experience Design 

B.A. in Communications/Graphic Design 

B.A. in English


UX/UI Designer, Vantage Point Consulting

Graphic Design and Marketing Coordinator, BrandUSA

Graphic Design Fellow, ITI

Graphic Design Intern, Vigum SLP

Design Tools

Adobe Creative Suite: InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, Xd, Dreamweaver, Premiere Pro. Sketch. Figma. Invision. Unity. 


Haruki Murakami and Virginia Woolf novels, Origami, Lacrosse, marine biology, and video games.

Fun Facts

My Process


My design process is the cumulative nature of how I deal with problems and challenges. I begin my process with an empathetic ear. This involves uncovering the business problem, insights, affordances, and constraints through my UX methods.


Once I've defined the problem and developed a strategy from the information I've gathered, I begin creating an intuitive design. This follows the path of creating simple and concise designs that help create the experience for the user. This is done through prototypes, wireframes etc. 


Finally, my design process is iterative. I'm constantly learning new information through testing and re-testing my designs with their target audience. After the iterations are complete and the product has been launched, I take time to reflect on the product and my journey to its completion.

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